Nordic summer camp


General Information for Nordic Summer Camp Registration

Registration information, Nordic Summer Camp (Additional questions to the registration tool)

General Information
In what capacity are you visiting the summer camp

Register as ‘‘participant or in another capacity to the Nordic Summer Camp

  • Volunteer:  leaders engaged by the festival organization for special assignments
  • 2018-leader:  appointed within the festival organization
  • Camp lecturer:  Lecturer with whom the festival organization has   made a special agreement

Terms for the festival fee

  • Last day of registration  for Nordic Summer Camp, is April 15
  • Registration fee will increase as of April 16

Camp Fee

Age, year Regular fee,
Increased fee,,
13-25 1 000 1 225

Accommodation on hard surface in class rooms are offered in Lugnet’s Highschool.  The fee for lodging is included in the camp fee.

All meals, except for the evening snack, will be served in the Lugnetrestaurant.  The evening snack will be served  in the auditorium at Lugnet’s Highschool.

The menu will be posted shortly on

Please fill out dietary requests etc thoroughly.

Terms of payment
Payment of festival passes and purchases are made at the time of registration, i.e. meals, concerts, excursions. International payment is made by Transferwise. Payment is due within two weeks of registration. Payment details are specified on your emailed confirmation.

If payment is not made within two weeks, your registration will be cancelled and you will be charged an administrative fee of SEK 250.

Reimbursements will be made for cancellations of registrations and purchases except for costs incurred by NORDLEK 2018 and Nordic Summer Camp plus an administrative fee of SEK 250.

No reimbursements of cancellations of registrations and purchases will be made after May 31.  Fees will, however, be refunded for medical reasons supported by a doctor’s certificate except for costs incurred by NORDLEK 2018 and Noridc Summer Camp plus an adminstrative fee of SEK 250.