Music will be prominent at NORDLEK 2018

You will listen to lively music!  With music at the heart, we are aiming to exceed expectations at the almost week long festival in Falun.  NORDLEK 2018 participating dancers will be given opportunities to enjoy both the big folk groups as well as small intimate concerts and play to dancing.  This time we are devoted to cultural sprawl and multitude!

Cultural sprawl means that the dances will be traditional, international, mix of genres, youthful, purely traditional, playful and unexpected.  Exactly the way Nordic folk music is today!  Today’s folk musicians often have an interest in and mix different genres.  This richness is what we want to capture during this Dance and Folk Music Festival.  You, as a dancer will after a week at Lugnet in Falun be completely filled with all the impressions and able to reflect on belonging to a fantastic rich cultural community.

‘‘Multitude’’ means that at NORDLEK 2018 music will be noticeable to a much greater extent than usual.  Generally, the number of folk musicians is shrinking in Sweden and the other Nordic countries.  There are different theories as to why. At Nordlek 2018 this question will be discussed.  There are also many examples of folk dance groups and folk dance musicians in symbiotic relationships.

Boda folk group is one of many groups that will play for dancing. There will most likely be some polskas from Boda. Photo: Hans Olander

At the time of writing, the following bigger music groups are confirmed to perform in different genres during the festival:  Falu folk group, Svärdsjö folk group, Aspeboda folk group, Transtrand’s folk group, Klintetten, Ad Hoc orchestra, Westmannafolk, Bess-Ess-group, Boda folk group, Örebro folk group, Älvdalen’s folk group and Tensta folk group.

They will be joined by several of the latest renowned Nordic folk groups and well known individual musicians. Join us, it will be fun!


If you are interested in participating as a musician, please contact Andreas Svensson, Music Director,