Costume, crafts – in English

Costume, Crafts

Bridal celebration dance at the production Four Seasons in the Eden of Dalarna. Photo: Thomas Dolk

Costume and crafts are a natural part of NORDLEK 2018.  At Dalarna’s Museum there will be shows and exhibits of the rich costume culture from the festival organizing districts highlighting how the variations in costumes follow both ecclesiastical year and seasons. Head dress is an area that we specifically will illustrate.

In Falun Kristine Church, Four Seasons in the Eden of Dalarna will be showing costumes about Dala Floda’s rich costume, music and dance culture.  The show is mixed with music from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

For the first time in NORDLEK’s history the Sami culture is included. The southernmost Sami village in Sweden, Idre, is situated in the festival organizing area.  It feels important and natural to share the Sami people’s history and traditional culture.  There will be opportunities to listen to talks, watch slideshows and exhibits of different kinds.  Participants also learn about Sami food culture and the rich variety of Sami costumes and crafts.

Listed in the festival programme are different workshops and different crafts to try, for example  twined knitting, local wool embroidery, blackwork embroidery, band braiding and woodwork.