Dance, WE-CAN


Dancing is the focus at NORDLEK 2018 where we will offer exciting
programmes and hope the participants will find many sessions of interest.
The theme for NORDLEK 2018 is the polska and there will be daily
workshops in the polska.
The Folk Dance Mass Träd in i dansen (Join in the Dance) is part of
the programme and there will be dance parties, ‘‘häng-på’’ dancing,
free dancing, an evening of Nordic Folklore, national performances, a
Nordic ball, dance competitions and dance workshops. We will also
offer dance and PR performances in the city centre of Falun by
different countries to the general public.
In preparation for performances, VI-KAN-activities, and stadium and
mass performances, we will have joint practices.
We welcome you to join us at NORDLEK 2018!

dans_bild_1pdf kopiera

Picture from the performance at the Slottskogsvallen Stadium during NORDLEK 2006 in Gothenburg.

Kontakt Dans, VI KAN
Eva Gert, 070-401 12 17,


Dance Parties

Each night there will be dance parties in several locations. The dance
party will begin with a dance from a country’s group. Everyone will getdans_bild_2pdf kopiera
good practice in the countries’ group dances before the Saturday when we dance together at the Stadium performance.
Each country gets 50 mins of dance parties.


‘Häng-på’’ dancing started in Steinkjer 2012 and became very popular.
During NORDLEK 2018 there will be free dancing each night. The
musicians play and the dancers dance. ‘‘Häng-på’’ dancing means that
there are a couple of leaders in turquoise t-shirts who demonstrate the
dance. After that, you can choose to follow them or dance freely. In free
dancing you dance the way you want to the music.


The VI-KAN-groups have special activities during NORDLEK 2018.
These groups have dancers with intellectual disabilities. There will be
dance parties and workshops and, in addition, plans are for an excursion
and a party night. All VI-KAN dancers and musicians are to participate in
the Stadium performance.


There will be two days of Nordic folklore performances by dance groups
from participating countries. These dance shows are to be no longer than
twelve minutes. We will see a cavalcade of fantastic dancing and music
by participants of all ages.


dans_bild_3.pdf kopieraOn Saturday all dancers meet on Stora torget in Falun city centre for a festival parade with musicians to the Lugnet area. The countries will walk in traditional order with a banner in front. We encourage you to bring banners from your organizations.