Children, youth, family – in English

Children, youth, family

Children and youth occupy central stage at Nordlek. It is their
interest in the folk culture that will keep the traditions alive. For
families with children up to 6 years the daytime will offer plenty of
activities at NORDLEK 2018.

Besides dancing and music there are opportunities to try handicraft,
rhythmic exercises or watch puppet shows. There will also be a room
for rest and space for crafts and quiet games. For the slightly older
children and youth the week is filled with activities where interactions
will lead to countless occasions to exchange dances.

Each evening will end with a late night dance often to live music.
Those who want to face a challenge can participate in a pentathlon
dance Thursday night or work together to create a programme that
will be performed both in town and on stage.

Youth 13-25 years can extend the Nordlek week by a summer camp
for three days preceding the festival. They will meet their peers from
all the Nordic countries for dancing, music and singing. It lets youth
improve their knowledge of folk music’s dimensions to joyful tunes
and lively dances as they link up with each other and make memories
for life.

Head dress will be shown in a separate exhibit. Photo: Lars Dahlström/Dalarnas Museum Photo Library