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 July 10-15 2018 NORDLEK 2018
July 7-9 Nordiskt sommarläger


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Videos from NORDLEK 2018

The videos from NORDLEK 2018 are now for sale. We have produced two videos. One video shows the whole opening ceremony and is 64 minutes. The other video shows the festival as a whole in reporting format. There are glimpses from the opening and closing events, workshops, concerts, folklore performances, national performances, PR performance in the city, Herding call music at Stångtjärn etc. This movie is 35 minutes.

Peter Romin is the cinematographer, who is an experienced TV photographer at Swedish Television, Dalarna and Ulf Caresten is the producer, former reporter and television host at Swedish Television, Dalarna.

The price for the videos is SEK 150 each and can be ordered by sending the attached order form by email to info@localhost no later than December 31, 2018. An invoice will be sent to you.

After receipt of the payment the videos will be distributed starting January 15 in digital format by email to each buyer. When receiving the video/s the buyer accepts that it/they are for internal use only.


Attached order form:  försäljning_1_engelsk_beställningsblankett

Pictures from NORDLEK 2018

After serious consideration, the Festival Organizing Committee decided not to take any pictures during NORDLEK 2018 to sell to interested participants.  We need, however, pictures to record the festival’s different activities, pictures that are to be included in the festival’s final report, available for articles in Hembygden and other national organizations and national papers respectively, and for possible future marketing.  We will however not sell any pictures.

We now ask all participants at NORDLEK 2018 to please send us one or several pictures from the festival.

Send your pictures, preferably in jpg.file and high resolution, to email address info@localhost.  Also mention the photographer’s name.  By sending the pictures we also assume that you allow us to use the pictures as described above and at our discretion.

Thank you for you help.

Festival Organizing Committee



High Quality Program and Performance

The procession is led by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdottir and among the flagbearers Bendt Pedersen and Urban Lind are seen. Photo: Yvonne Hjelm

Also at NORDLEK 2018 there was a festival procession.  Meet-up at Stora torget near the 17th century Falu Kristine Church, slow marching along Svärdsjögatan up to the festival area at Lugnet. Falu Municipality had in honour of the day raised the nations’ flags along the whole procession route in recognition of its guests, NORDLEK 2018.  It was special, it was hot and the around 1200 participantsstayed hydrated on the order of our medical staff.

The Procession started from Stora torget watched over by Kristine Church. Photo: Anders Liljekvist

Around 2000 participants and 700 volunteers, performers and Nordlek Assoociation leaders participated in the festival in Falun and we received feedback on the high quality of the festival program and that the performance of the activities met all the requirements for such a big festival.  Some minor changes were necessary during the week and following suggestions by nations’ leaders, the level of service was also raised.

We felt that NORDLEK 2018 was a folk dance and folk music festival of joy and belonging.  Indications of this were received by the organizing committee during the week and it became evident at the thank-you speech by Nordlek Association President, Urban Lind, at the Closing Ceremonies in Jalas Arena.  Following the speech the around 1800 participants on the stands gave a long and warm applause that nearly did not want to end (at least this is how we 2018 leaders felt ….).  This is something we 2018 leaders and volunteers will remember for a long time.

Thank you all participants, Nordlek Association leaders, volunteers and others for taking part in NORDLEK 2018.  You made the festival a success.  Mark your calendars now for participation in NORDLEK 2021 in Tammerfors.  And welcome back to Falun.  There is still more to explore.

Thank you!

Festival Organizing Committee

Extended registration deadline

To enable more people to participate in NORDLEK 2018 we are extending the registration deadline as indicated below.  The following deadline applies to

  • *   food: May 31
  • *   festival passes and other purchases, i.e. activities, excursions and souvenirs: June 30

Register now!




Orsa Predator Park in Grönklitt

Tuesday, July 10, 08.00 – 17.00

Visit Orsa Grönklitt, Euope’s largest wildlife park.  There, bears, wolves, lynx, Eurasian eagle-owls and wolverines co-exist.  At the Polar World  facility, you can observe the polar bears. There is also Tiger Mountain with Siberian tigers and a Leopard Center with both Persian leopards and snow leopards.  A guided tour around the park is included.  After lunch in Toppstugan there will be time to walk around the park on your own or visit the exhibits Tiger Mountain and Polar World.

Bus leaves from the Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price: SEK 740

Mackmyra Whisky and Skedvi Bread

Tuesday, July 10, 08.00 – 16.00

Mackmyra Swedish Whisky AB was founded in 1999 and is the first malt whisky producer in Sweden.  Mackmyra has successfully launched the first Swedish malt whisky available in personal 30 litre kegs and bottles.  The business is located in Mackmyra Whisky, outside Gävle.  Enjoy lunch, taste 4 kinds of whisky, and watch the production,  storage and smoke process. We will take you to the top of the distillery and guide you through the whole process, from top to bottom.

There will also be a visit to Skedvi crisp bread which is made using the old original recipe for Vika bread and baked by ‘‘real people in ovens over open fire’’.  Here you can buy bread and other locally made products.

Bus leaves from the Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price: SEK 765

Historic Uppsala and Carl von Linné

Tuesday, July 10 from 08.00 – 17.00

Begin with fika, the Swedish equivalent to coffee break, at Linné’s summer residence in Hammarby. During the trip to Uppsala, learn about the city’s history from origins to present day. During the Uppsala tour, our guide will tell about and show many renowned sites, including the Uppsala Castle, the Carolina Rediviva university library, and Uppsala University. Stop by the Linné Garden in full bloom and the beautiful Linné Museum, where Linné himself will explain the history. The round-trip will end with a guided tour of the Uppsala Cathedral, Scandinavia’s tallest and largest church, which includes the gravesite of Gustav Vasa.

The visit to Uppsala will end with a lunch at Odinsborg in Old Uppsala. Old Town Uppsala is one of the most remarkable archaelogical sites in Scandinavia. There are the remnants of 3 majestic Royal Mounds, Kungshögarna, from the 6th century, one the largest burial site in the Nordic countries and the remants of the cathedral built in the 1100’s.

Bus leaves from the Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price:  SEK 865

Hair work and basket making in Våmhus

Wednesday, July 11 08.00 – around 14.00

In Dalarna farming has been mixed with crafts and each village developed its own special trade.  In the 1800’s Våmhus became world known for its hairwork and chip baskets.  Early in the 1800‘s women started making working trips abroad and making hairwork that was sold at a high price outside Sweden.  At the end of the 1800’s prices fell and hairwork was no longer popular and the craft was forgotten.  In Våmhus, however, it was preserved and passed on and today Hårkullornas Society called Hårknuten (Topknot) keeps the craft alive. After the farmwork was finished the men sat down to make bentwood boxes, sieves and baskets. Biggest and most known was the production of the Våmhus basket.  These were sold both in and outside Sweden.  Watch and learn more about these two techniques and also see exhibits of old work.  Baguette and drink in bus on the way back.

Bus leaves from the Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price: SEK 335

Falu Mine

Wednesday, July 11   9-12

A must when in the World Heritage city Falun is a visit to Sweden’s oldest mine, Falu Gruva, also once called Sweden’s treasure chest as gold, silver, copper and other metals were mined there.  From tailings Falu Rödfärg (Falu Red Paint) was manufactured.  The mine was closed in 1992.

Mine visit under ground
Take a guided tour and go down in the mine, about 400 steps. An elevator takes us up again.  Bear in mind, it could be a little chilly down in the mine.  The price also includes entrance to the nice new mine museum, Gruvmuseet, historic buildings , films, the small mining train that goes around the area, exhibits i.e., activities above ground.

Notice of the exact time for the guided under ground mining tour will be announced after registration. The above ground activities can be visited before the guided tour.  Indicate preference for guided tour in Swedish or English.

Meet at the entrance to Falu Gruva at the appointed time.  Children 3 – 12 years must be accompanied by a guardian.

Price:  Adult, SEK 220; Children 3-15 years, SEK 90

Mine visit above ground
Opportunity to see the nice new mine museum, Gruvmuseet, historic buildings, films, the small mining train that goes around the area, exhibits, etc.

Price: SEK 90, Children SEK 50

Meet at World Heritage House on the Falu Mine grounds for both Under and Above ground visits.

Alfred Nobel’s Björkborn and Örebro Castle

Wednesday July 11 08.00 – 17.30

Trip to Karlskoga and Alfred Nobel’s home, Björkborn, today a museum about the inventor, entrepreneur and founder of the Nobel Prizes.  Björkborn was built in the beginning of the 1800’s and was Alfred Nobel’s last place of residence.  He died in 1896.  We will get a dramatized guiding.  Lunch is served at Stallet on the Björkborn Mansion premises.  Örebro Castle is a must when visiting Örebro.  Have afternoon coffee and listen to the history of the castle.

Bus leaves from the Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price:  SEK 830

The House of Carl Larsson in Sundborn and Stora Hyttnäs

Thursday, July 12 08.30 -12.30

Visit the artists Carl Larsson and his wife Karin’s home Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn on a guided tour through the house telling more about their artistry and life.   Also visit to Stora Hyttnäs nearby with a history from the 1600’s.  At that time wealthy mining managers lived here and later many different families have resided in the house.  Today it is left in an authentic bourgeois and untouched 1900 turn of the century home with a beautiful textile collection.  Guided tour here as well.  Coffee and baking available.

Bus leaves from the Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price: SEK 390

Dalalahorse Production in Nusnäs

Thursday, July 12 08.00 – 12.00

Trip to Nusnäs and Dala horse production.  Guided tour about the history of the Dala horse, how it is sawed, carved and finally painted. The tour ends in the shop where there is an opportunity to buy a horse. The trip back goes through Rättvik with an ice cream stop of locally made Rättviksglass or fika at the town square.

Bus leaves from The Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price:  SEK 125


Experience Hälsingland!  Flax and Hälsinge Farms

Wednesday, July 11 08.00 – 17.00

Hälsingland is known for its more than a thousand preserved old Hälsinge farms, a cultural heritage that shows the building tradition in the farming community in Hälsingland.  Characteristic features are the big dwellings constructed solely in wood.  The visit includes the farm,Gästgivars, one of the World Heritage farms. Flax also has an interesting history in Hälsingland.  After a good lunch at Växbo Mill there is a guided tour of Växbo Lin’s modern spinnery and weavers, whose machines still date back a few years. In the shop beautiful linen textiles by their own design can be admired.

Bus leaves from The Sport hall at Lugnet outside InfoCentral, Lugnetvägen 5.

Price:  SEK 625 


Simplifying money transfer

In order to make payments for festival passes etc easier from other countries than Sweden (international payments) we have introduced a new routine.  It is now possible to choose between Transferwise and BIC/BAN.  For further information click Here.



Shared Music, Shared Dances

Tunes – Dances – Ball Dances

Teaching material for shared tunes and dances is now complete and easily accessible on this homepage.
Open PROGRAM on the homepage, choose Shared Music-Shared Dances-Ball and click on the one you are looking for.

You will evan find the material to Historic Ball on the same page.

Good luck with the practices!

 Composition Contest

Schottis /Reinländer

Contest rules

・max one tune per participant
・tune with chords
・possibly metronome mark
・max 2 parts and max 2 pages
・the tune should be able to be used as allspel tune
・an audio file is optional

Send the note in 2 copies (PDF format) and the audio file (Mp3) by email.  One note is to be completely nameless, the other with the name of the song and your contact information.

Of course the composer has the copyright to the tune.  Please let us know if your composition has been entered with STIM (Sweden), TONO (Norway), Teosto (Finland), Koda (Denmark), and STEF (Iceland).

The tune must not have been played in public earlier nor in any other way published. The entries are judged by 3 Nordic judges.

For questions about the contest, contact

Helen Eriksson, Sweden, telephone +46 70 541 78 72, email music.lovers@bredband.net

Anders Backman, Finland, telephone +358 405 461 771 email


Anne-Grete Jensen, Denmark, telephone +45 246 06 398 email angrjens@gmail.com


1st, 2nd and 3rd winner receive free festival admission and lodging at a school at NORDLEK 2018.  The winners are announced in the beginning of April 2018.

In addition:

First prize winner receives paid admission to the folk music festival Folk at Heart Örebro in Sweden 2019 and a diploma.

Second and third prize winners receive a diploma and a gift from Falun/Dalarna.


The Nordlek Association reserves the right to use and publish the three winning tunes at Nordlek events by handing out paper copies at the the festival and post them on its home page.


Email competition entries to angrjens@gmail.com by February 1, 2018.  Write Nordlekmelodi 2018 on the subject line.

Nordlek, Folk Music Committee

Food during NORDLEK 2018

At registration you can also order your meals for the whole festival.  The food is prepared by an experienced and qualified cook and his team and is served in the cafeteria at Lugnet’s Highschool. The cafeteria is located in the middle of the festival area.  Those who are staying in classrooms will have breakfast at their school.

Ordering meals from the festival organization gives you the advantage of eating  near the festival activities and avoiding travel time.  Other places to eat are in Falun city centre.

When you register you can choose to order meals for the whole festival (meal package) or order occasional meals.  However, you cannot order these meals on-site during the festival because of  planning and preparation reasons.  We hope that most festival participants choose to order their meals at the time of registration!

More information about meal ordering during NORDLEK 2018 will be posted shortly on www.nordlek2018.se.

The meals during the Nordic Summer Camp are included in the registration fee.

Link to Menu for NORDLEK 2018 at:  meny_off_4_1_engelska_2  .  It is at the present time in Swedish but will be translated into English later.

Practicing Ball Dances

One of the most popular events during NORDLEK festivals is the Historic Ball.  Dress, food, music and dance in one program.  The 2018 Historic Ball will be held in the Moriska Hall and Lustgården at First Hotel Grand in the city centre of Falun.

Practices have been in full swing for some time in the different dance groups and we can now publish the whole program in the form of descriptions, notes, music and video on the home page.

You will find the video by opening PROGRAMME on the home page, choose


You can also find the whole programme by clicking here


Booking of Accommodation is Open

You may now book your hotels and hostels. Booking of camping spots and cabins will open at a later date.

Booking of accommodation on hard surface in class rooms will open at a later date.

Click here and you will find a list of accommodation offers for hotels, hostels and camping.


Nordlek Council Pleased with Falun Meeting

Torunn Bjerkem, Project Manager and Urban Lind, Chair, are welcomed to Falun and Lugnet by Ulf H Svensson, Acting Chair

For three days the Nordlek Council and its Board visited Falun to take part in the local organizer of NORDLEK 2018 and the Nordic Summer Camp planning.  A meeting was also held with Nordlek, the highest decision-making body.

Friday was Falun’s day starting early in the morning with a summary of the  many different festival facilities, mostly within the Lugnet area, travel arrangements both to and in the festival village, acommodation and food for the festival participants.  This was followed by a presentation of the four work groups’ programme content.

The day continued with a visit to the to the top of the ski jump hills and a tour of the festival facilities.  A bus tour was arranged to get a sense of the accommodation facilities, (schools, hotels, hostels) and the locations of the city activities.

Back to the conference room and a presentation of the registration tool that is going to be used by all attending NORDLEK 2018 and the Nordic Summer Camp.  Many valuable comments for improvements were made at the meeting during which the green light to use the tool was also given.

At the end of the day the Chairperson, Urban, expressed his satisfaction with the completed planning and hopes that the local organizer takes the comments made into consideration for a successful festival .  After a well deserved dinner at Verandan restaurant he ventured out in the whirl of dance to practice the festival ‘‘sam’’ dances.  With extraordinary energy Urban managed a perfect spin with pressure on the left sole and right heel in a variation of the Bingsjö polska.

Welcome to Falun again and the festival activities in 2018!

Important Comments

At the meeting with the Nordlek Council on the Ascension Day Holiday in Falun one of many important mattersdiscussed were the presentation of content and function of the registration system. Many important comments for improvements were given during the meeting but we understand that there are still more. Please take the opportunity to leave your special wishes for improvements. We encourage you to do it right away before you forget. Send your comments by email to ali.kvist@telia.com.

The sooner the better!

The Planning of NORDELK 2018 intensifies

Spring has arrived in Falun and to Lugnet, the location of NORDLEK 2018. Only just over a year remains of the time for planning and soon the Nordlek Council will visit to get updated on the festival preparatory work. The planning committee is satisfied with the content of the programme, is in control of all festival facilities and can offer good accommodation.We hope that The Nordlek Council and its Board will give a go ahead for the finalizing of the festival preparations in Falun.

We learned a lot about NORDLEK and how to plan the festival programme and events during our visit to NORDLEK 2015 in Viborg. All participants on this trip provided written reviews of their experiences which formed the basis for our programme work.

Above are some of the participants from Dalarna who took part in the trip to Viborg. This great group of dancers and musicians as well as the planning committee welcome all dancers, musicians and others interested in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world to NORDLEK 2018. On our website you will find all the necessary information for attending the festival.

The group on the picture above performed dances from the nordic countries in Viborg. The costumes from left are from Säter, Gagnef, Mora and the last three from Stora Tuna. All these areas are located in Dalarna.


FALUN 2015-02-18 Invigning av Falun2015. Foto Ulf Palm/ 71515

At the World Cup Ski Championships opening ceremonies on February 18, 2015, a big group of folkdancers from Dalarna performed at Lugnet Hills landing area. NORDLEK 2018 opening ceremonies will most likely take place at the same spot. Photo: Ulf Palm

NORDLEK is coming to Sweden.

In 2018 it is Swedenʼs turn to organize Nordlekʼs Folk Dancing and National Folk Musicians Festival, Nordlek 2018. The National Council of the Swedish Folk Dance Society (Svenska Folkdansringen) has entrusted seven of the organizationʼs districts with this responsibility (Hälsingland, Gästrikland, Dalarna, Värmland, Uppland, Västmanland and Örebro County). Falun will be the main venue and the event will take place at the large sports complex, Lugnet. In order to carry out their task, the seven districts have created an organizing committee with preparations already well underway.

Nordlek 2018 will take place from July 10 – 15 and be preceded by a youth camp from July 7 – 9.

On the festival home page you can get updates on the preparations and find all the information you need to prepare yourself for participating in the festival. On the working groupsʼ home pages you can follow the development of the many different programmes and how these are combined in the final festival programme to be presented in the Programme booklet. ʻʻGeneral Informationʼʼ will gradually be available in Swedish, Finnish, and English.

Information about travel, event fee, concert fees, accommodation, food, side activities etc. will be presented on this home page as the date is getting closer. Registration to Nordlek 2018 should be done on this home page. The registration procedure will be published early spring of 2018.



Our committee Sponsoring, Marketing, has printed a pamphlet that will be used on different occasions to promote NORDLEK 2018. The first opportunity to distribute this pamphlet is at Isleik 2016 on Iceland.
Click on the link below to view the new pamphlet. You can print it to spread information of the festival in Falun in 2018.

Pamphlet to promote NORDLEK 2018:  folder_engelska