Welcome to NORDLEK 2018!

Happy participants from Dalarna at NORDLEK 2015 in Viborg: Magdalena Nilsson, Linnea Lindström, Madelen Ehlis, Rebecka Örnerfors, Jonatan Lindström and Oskar Sunnanhagen. Photo: Elisabeth Lindholm


Booking of Accommodation is Open

You may now book your hotels and hostels. Booking of camping spots and cabins will open at a later date.

Booking of accommodation on hard surface in class rooms will open at a later date.

Click here and you will find a list of accommodation offers for hotels, hostels and camping.


Nordlek Council Pleased with Falun Meeting

Torunn Bjerkem, Project Manager and Urban Lind, Chair, are welcomed to Falun and Lugnet by Ulf H Svensson, Acting Chair

For three days the Nordlek Council and its Board visited Falun to take part in the local organizer of NORDLEK 2018 and the Nordic Summer Camp planning.  A meeting was also held with Nordlek, the highest decision-making body.

Friday was Falun’s day starting early in the morning with a summary of the  many different festival facilities, mostly within the Lugnet area, travel arrangements both to and in the festival village, acommodation and food for the festival participants.  This was followed by a presentation of the four work groups’ programme content.

The day continued with a visit to the to the top of the ski jump hills and a tour of the festival facilities.  A bus tour was arranged to get a sense of the accommodation facilities, (schools, hotels, hostels) and the locations of the city activities.

Back to the conference room and a presentation of the registration tool that is going to be used by all attending NORDLEK 2018 and the Nordic Summer Camp.  Many valuable comments for improvements were made at the meeting during which the green light to use the tool was also given.

At the end of the day the Chairperson, Urban, expressed his satisfaction with the completed planning and hopes that the local organizer takes the comments made into consideration for a successful festival .  After a well deserved dinner at Verandan restaurant he ventured out in the whirl of dance to practice the festival ‘‘sam’’ dances.  With extraordinary energy Urban managed a perfect spin with pressure on the left sole and right heel in a variation of the Bingsjö polska.

Welcome to Falun again and the festival activities in 2018!

Important Comments

At the meeting with the Nordlek Council on the Ascension Day Holiday in Falun one of many important mattersdiscussed were the presentation of content and function of the registration system. Many important comments for improvements were given during the meeting but we understand that there are still more. Please take the opportunity to leave your special wishes for improvements. We encourage you to do it right away before you forget. Send your comments by email to ali.kvist@telia.com.

The sooner the better!

The Planning of NORDELK 2018 intensifies

Spring has arrived in Falun and to Lugnet, the location of NORDLEK 2018. Only just over a year remains of the time for planning and soon the Nordlek Council will visit to get updated on the festival preparatory work. The planning committee is satisfied with the content of the programme, is in control of all festival facilities and can offer good accommodation.We hope that The Nordlek Council and its Board will give a go ahead for the finalizing of the festival preparations in Falun.

We learned a lot about NORDLEK and how to plan the festival programme and events during our visit to NORDLEK 2015 in Viborg. All participants on this trip provided written reviews of their experiences which formed the basis for our programme work.

Above are some of the participants from Dalarna who took part in the trip to Viborg. This great group of dancers and musicians as well as the planning committee welcome all dancers, musicians and others interested in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world to NORDLEK 2018. On our website you will find all the necessary information for attending the festival.

The group on the picture above performed dances from the nordic countries in Viborg. The costumes from left are from Säter, Gagnef, Mora and the last three from Stora Tuna. All these areas are located in Dalarna.


FALUN 2015-02-18 Invigning av Falun2015. Foto Ulf Palm/ 71515

At the World Cup Ski Championships opening ceremonies on February 18, 2015, a big group of folkdancers from Dalarna performed at Lugnet Hills landing area. NORDLEK 2018 opening ceremonies will most likely take place at the same spot. Photo: Ulf Palm

NORDLEK is coming to Sweden.

In 2018 it is Swedenʼs turn to organize Nordlekʼs Folk Dancing and National Folk Musicians Festival, Nordlek 2018. The National Council of the Swedish Folk Dance Society (Svenska Folkdansringen) has entrusted seven of the organizationʼs districts with this responsibility (Hälsingland, Gästrikland, Dalarna, Värmland, Uppland, Västmanland and Örebro County). Falun will be the main venue and the event will take place at the large sports complex, Lugnet. In order to carry out their task, the seven districts have created an organizing committee with preparations already well underway.

Nordlek 2018 will take place from July 10 – 15 and be preceded by a youth camp from July 7 – 9.

On the festival home page you can get updates on the preparations and find all the information you need to prepare yourself for participating in the festival. On the working groupsʼ home pages you can follow the development of the many different programmes and how these are combined in the final festival programme to be presented in the Programme booklet. ʻʻGeneral Informationʼʼ will gradually be available in Swedish, Finnish, and English.

Information about travel, event fee, concert fees, accommodation, food, side activities etc. will be presented on this home page as the date is getting closer. Registration to Nordlek 2018 should be done on this home page. The registration procedure will be published early spring of 2018.



Our committee Sponsoring, Marketing, has printed a pamphlet that will be used on different occasions to promote NORDLEK 2018. The first opportunity to distribute this pamphlet is at Isleik 2016 on Iceland.
Click on the link below to view the new pamphlet. You can print it to spread information of the festival in Falun in 2018.

Pamphlet to promote NORDLEK 2018:  folder_engelska